Commercial Solar



Solar Panels

Light interacts with a silicon cell causing electrons to be set into motion, initiating a flow of electric current


The solar inverter converts DC electricity to AC electricity.


The inverters are the brains of a solar system. They communicate with a monitoring system that allows you to see their production in real-time and report the data to record SREC generation.

Net Metering

As your solar system produces energy during the day, the power you generate is sent to the power grid earning you credits, and debits as you use energy from the grid at night.

Commercial Solar

GNRG Incunderstands that no two commercial properties are the same and needs can vary from one site to the next. With over a decade of experience as an industry leader in solar power solutions, we can help create a system that is specifically designed to meet your goals and the special characteristics of your property.

As a full-service provider, we don’t just provide installation services. Our solar power specialists, project managers, and technicians can take you through every phase of the process. This includes an in-depth consultation and site analysis, that includes a projected cost breakdown. We also offer state-of-the-art design and engineering services.

Our professional installers focus on using materials and components at the best price to develop a solar power system that exceeds all competition. We also offer special monitoring and preventive maintenance service to ensure that your system operates at peak efficiency for decades to come.

We make it easy for your commercial property to reap the benefits of energy independence and sustainability.

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